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  • Extensive Catalog Available for Private Label

    • ​We have an extensive catalog of products available with proven designs, low MOQ's and quick turn around times. We have been making and designing leather handbags, totes, purses and wallets for over 10 years now and have made that catalog available for Private Label.  MORE INFO

  • Custom Product Development and Production

    • ​From a product idea to full production. We can help you sample your product through every step of the process, right on to full scale manufacturing.

  • Leather, Nylon, Vinyl and Hardware Sourcing

    • ​Multiple vendors with ready to ship supplies available. We also have the ability to have custom hardware, leather and nylons made just for you.

  • Contract Die Cutting

    • Per piece or by the hour die cutting available.

  • Custom Corporate Gifts

    • ​All private label products are available to customize!  From keychains and hats to tote bags and briefcases. Company colors and logos can be applied to any private label product. Affordable prices and low MOQ’s make our products a great choice for corporate gifts. Additionally, we are available for on site corporate events!

  • Small Leather Goods

    • ​With over 20 styles of ready to make wallets available we can help fill out your product line to meet your brands needs.

  • Leather Bags, Purses and Totes

    • ​Leather totes are our specialty and with over ten years of production under our belts we can help bring our full range of leather hand bags to market for you too.

  • Leather Patches and Labels

    • Patches shipped ready to sew or sewn onto your product in house. Custom logos and an infinite number of sizes available.

  • Food and Beverage Industry Menus and Branded Goods

    • ​Menu covers, check presenters, QR code coasters, you name it we've made it. If you are in the food service industry we can help you stand out with our services.

  • Nylon and Leather Leashes, Collars and Pet Products

    • ​We service the pet industry with leather, nylon and soft grip leashes and collars. Leather dog toys and accessories as well.

  • Sampling for In-House or Overseas Production

    • ​Take your idea and digitize it into a production ready, sourced and cost evaluated package. We can help you determine if you can have it made stateside or overseas depending on your market.

  • Automated Cut and Sew vinyl Products

    • ​Cut and sew production of various vinyl products.

  • Full Branding, Product Photography and Design

    • We offer full company branding from the ground up. Extensive ideation and concept of your brand. Your company will be cohesive through web, social and in hand branding. Allowing brand recognition through all channels. Professional lifestyle and product photography available in house and on location.

  • Packaging

    • Packaging assembly built into the manufacturing process. Packaging concept and design services available as well.

  • Logistics

    • Packaging, ground and freight services available for in house clients.

Not seeing what you need here? Please reach out and ask us. We have created custom machinery, processes and techniques for almost every client we service. Above all else we are problem solvers!


River City Manufacturing

209 Upper River Road 

Gallipolis, Ohio 45631​

Tel: 740.446.4172 ext. 102​

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